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A round belly, late pregnancy Early/Late Term Gender Symbols Gender Determination 4d-ultrasound-detail 3D/4D Ultrasound
How Far Along? 11-15 weeks or 37-40 weeks 9-34 weeks Best results between 22-31 weeks
Duration of Scan No set duration. A simple DNA test
or a brief scan
20-30 minutes
2D Scan
3D/4D Scan
Gender Determination
Goal of Scan Provide peace of mind to mom and dad. Determine if you're having a boy or a girl. Bond with your baby in full HD video!
Pricing $39 $99-$129 $129-$189

3D/4D Ultrasound

Experience the wonder of seeing your unborn child in full HD video!

$ 129-189
20-30 minute scan.
  • For best results, visit between week 22-31 of your pregnancy.
  • Gender confirmation available
  • CD & DVD available
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Early/Late Term Ultrasound

Peace of mind for mom & dad.

$ 39
2D Scan
  • For expecting moms between 11-15 weeks or 37-40 weeks.
  • No 3D/4D Viewing
  • No Gender Determination
  • Best for a quick check to make sure baby is doing well.

Gender Determination Testing

Determine if you're having a boy or a girl.

$ 99-129
Choose between an ultrasound scan or a simple DNA test.
  • A simple DNA test reveals the baby's gender at just 9 weeks!
  • 2D Ultrasounds for expecting moms between 16-34 weeks pregnant.
  • No 3D/4D Viewing

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Enlightened 4D Imaging does not provide medical ultrasounds. You should receive a diagnostic ultrasound from your healthcare provider before booking an appointment with us.

Please be aware that your health insurance will not cover the cost of an elective ultrasound.